“Solving a problem consists in finding a person able to solve it.”
Experience and preferred areas of the legal assistance provided:

Our Firm was incorporated in 2003, initially as a partnership of two, then three, and eventually four partners. The expertise, experience, and best principles of partnership allowed the Firm to develop, which translated into employing more specialists on the one hand and a growing group of clients on the other. Currently, we provide legal assistance to over forty medium and big enterprises under permanent contracts. 

Comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, legal counselling for domestic and foreign businesses

Medical law and legal services for healthcare entities

Public investment assistance and activities in special economic zones

Commercial law – companies: incorporation, transformation, liquidation, legal services for companies’ bodies

Civil law, in particular economic contract law

Public procurement law

Labour law

Employment and residence of foreigners

Legal services for construction investments

Court disputes, debt collection, arbitration, mediation

Sectors we operate in:

automotive industry

medical services

food industry

electronics and electrical industry


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Our details:

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych „AKCES” (AKCES Law Firm)

Katarzyna Jabłońska, Nina Mielczarek-Iwanowska, Agnieszka Zajęcka, Michał Witulski

Spółka Partnerska

Tax Identification Number: 6342484777

40-036 Katowice, ul. Wita Stwosza 6/8


telephone: +48 32 781 81 40

fax: +48 32 781 81 41