about our firm

Our Firm was incorporated in 2003, initially as a partnership of two, then three, and eventually four partners. The expertise, experience, and best principles of partnership allowed the Firm to develop, which translated into employing more specialists on the one hand and a growing group of clients on the other. Currently, we provide legal assistance to over forty medium and big enterprises under permanent contracts. 

We provide legal services to domestic as well as foreign businesses which comprise ongoing business consulting and representing entrepreneurs in court and administrative proceedings. 

We focus on the quality of our work. We do realise, however, that  clients value also a short response time and good communications. Therefore, the ability to put ourselves in our client’s shoes is particularly important in our work. We need to be able to identify ourselves with the problem being solved and to approach it from a broader perspective, not only the legal one, but also economic, and often just human. AKCES is also a workplace, where we take care of the proper selection of our personnel and a good work environment. Our employees and partners begin their carriers with us, and usually they stay, having found a professional development path as well as a friendly atmosphere. 

As attorneys-at-law, we are insured against civil liability under both compulsory and voluntary insurance. If need be, we provide legal services in English, as well.